Scat web cam and live scat

How to find a scat web cam?

Watch live scat web cam using this method!
Now i must admit that it is getting harder and harder guys to find live scat web cam BUT…It is possible. There’s only live jasmin so don’t go anywhere else, that’s advice  #1

Click here to go to the site and to start your search

  • Second advice, use their search feature and type in related keywords for instance:

scat servant
shit sex
toilet slave
golden shower

scat model

Keep in mind that when you think you found something interesting (to say the least…) well she might not be around that day and that’s the shitty part (i just lol’ed)

Seriously, you will probably have to wait a day or two that she comes back online but that doesn’t stop you from digging in further. I also noticed that some search terms, don’t really shows us “potential” or “willing” models. For instance i tried “shit madam” I did see some but i’m really not sure about it. The only way to really find out is to talk to them. Once you think you got a winner that is.

  • Third advice, talk to them gently, don’t be an ass, as you will probably get what you are looking from someone that never had the balls to try it and that’s FUCKING AWESOME!

I had success using the fetish category so use this one!

scat web cam are available at LiveJasmin
This is the only place on the web where you can find scat models. They can perform your wildest fantasies.
Make sure to ask them before as lots of them don’t say a word about it as it’s well, a bit to the limit for the system.
Just look for toilet sex, toilet or any keywords alike that might help you to find a scat woman.
Now it’s hard i admit but you will find some for sure cause i did ! It’s something i will never ever forget ! Man, you have a hot babe doing scat.
Holly crap hehehehehe !

Click here to go to the site and to start your search

scat model


If you are looking for this kind of live fetish, well you will have to dig for it as it’s kinda rare but i know how to see some.
Make sure you look for models at live jasmin in the fetish section using this link here. Then do a search using targeted keywords like “toilet” “water sport” etc..
They don’t advertise as scat by the way. Once you find girls you like, ask them if they are willing to do it. Again, once you find one the party begins !
You won’t believe your eyes. It’s right there happening in front of you and you direct the show ! AWESOME !
scat webcam

Live jasmin is the only web cam site that i know girls DO scat web cam shows. It’s the kinkiest webcam site for sure with girls doing extreme porn.
You won’t find anything else around like these guys. In fact, technically they can’t say that some girls can do scat and piss shows but some do ! The only problem is you have to dig for them.
Try various keywords in their search form like, “toilet” or “extreme” ya know what i mean ? Then ask the girl if she’s willing or into this form of sex. Remember to stay polite. IT CAN GREATLY HELP !
Trust me i know what i’m talking about as i saw what i was looking for LIVE IN FROM OF MY PC and i was the director. The first time it happened i thought i would faint ! I just couldn’t believe me eyes !
Anyways, enough talking and got check out it here
Live scat web cam shows The ultimate sex fantasy ! Oh yeah forgot, if you’re into pee sex (like me) there are lots more girls doing it. Scat is harder to find i must admit. Cheers !

If you want to watch scat cam do as i say.
Then look for models that will be willing to do it. by using the search feature and try words that could work out. Ex: toilet, pee, kinky, bizarre, dirty get the picture ?
Don’t use scat, shit etc… it won’t work. The models can’t use those words in their BIOS.
Once you have a list, ask them one by one, but remember that the result doesn’t necessarily reflect what you are looking for. I know it works as i’ve experienced it ! It’s very very exciting !
That’s it. It’s not easy but once you’ve find the right girl you will go crazy hehehehehe This is the ultimate scat experience. Live scat web cam wow ! Try it !

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the girls below will perform scat. They are randomly picked from the “fetish section” at LiveJasmin
All you have to do is use their search feature and try “toilet games” as keyword or anything that you can think could work out.
Once you get a list, go chat with them for free. Ask them politely please. Lots of them are willing to do it but they don’t mention it in their bios.
Talk to the one you think that it could work out. I know it’s possible cause i witness entire shows based on scat, piss, puke etc…
Trust me, it’s the most exciting thing i’ve ever saw. WOW !
Plus, you get to see everything right away.

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Scat web cam and live scat shows

You stand a better chance to find a scat babe willing to fulfill your wildest fantasies by using the fetish category. Click here then look for it or for a similar category.

Now make sure that you type in the best possible keywords in the search box once you are there, Like i’m saying in my other posts below. Ex: toilet sex, toilet slave etc…

You know what? I think i should start a list with the girls willing to do scat shows at AWE and post it in here. In fact, we shall all contribute to it. What do you think about that?

Click here to go to the site and to start your search

scat model